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If you or someone you know is concerned about being pregnant and want help with the next step, contact Alpha Women’s Resource Center. Unplanned pregnancies can be overwhelming, but you’ll find information, care, and support from our staff.

Get answers to your questions about pregnancy, abortion, and your other options. Talk about your personal situation with one of our client advocates and get help with what you are currently facing.

Visit us for a no-cost pregnancy test. You will get your results during your appointment and we can talk about your next step.

We provide factual information about abortion and offer resources and referrals for making an adoption plan or possibly parenting. All our services are offered at no cost and are entirely confidential.

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Who We Serve

For over 30 years, we have assisted women and families in our community facing unplanned pregnancies. Our goal is to provide information and pregnancy services at no-cost.

We believe many women have not achieved their true potential. Our Women of Worth program emphasizes character building and making positive changes to give every woman a healthy future.

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