If you’re unexpectedly pregnant, you’re likely under a lot of pressure. Delivering the news to your parents or loved ones can seem like a harrowing task to add to the list of worries and concerns. But there’s a way to mitigate this stress.

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Continue reading to learn how to lower the stress of telling your parents you’re pregnant.

Prepare Mentally

First, take a moment to process your feelings. Understand that it’s normal to feel a mix of emotions. Being clear to yourself about your feelings can help you convey your message more confidently.

Think about what you want to say beforehand. It might help to jot down the main points you want to cover. Being prepared can help reduce anxiety and ensure you communicate your message.

You may want to think about your options before you go into the conversation, such as abortion, adoption, and parenting. You don’t have to make any final decisions, but it’s good to think ahead and overcome objections however you may be feeling.

Choosing The Right Time And Place

Choose a time when your parents are least likely to be distracted or stressed. This ensures they’re more receptive and can give the conversation the attention it deserves. Think about doing it on their days off or right before the weekend.

Picking a location is almost as important. Choosing their home may be the best option, as it’s a place where they’ll be comfortable and you can leave if you need to. If you’re concerned about an overreaction, you could choose a public setting, like a restaurant or coffee shop.

Prepare For Various Reactions

Prepare for a range of reactions. Your parents might be shocked, upset, or even supportive right away. Remember, their initial response might not reflect their true feelings or eventual support.

You don’t have to have this conversation all at once. You can put a pin in the discussion at any time and give them space to process the news. Then, you can resume talking about it again with a blank slate and hopefully with a clearer perspective. 

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